15 08 2011

this is post number 666 and it is about something that happened in june 1966. sometime in mid june that year I bought my first french comic strip magazine PILOTE, you can see the cover below. I was in strassburg with my class, an educational four day trip to the alsace. what caught my eye immediately was the cover of that magazine. up to that time I had never heard about the two comic characters featured on the cover. french comics were not available in germany, the market was very limited with MICKEY MOUSE and FIX+FOXY weekly publications, as well as some TARZAN, SIGURD and FANTASTIC FOUR series. in this french magazine there was a double page with ASTERIX AND OBELIX created by RENE GOSCINNY ( text ) and ALBERT UDERZO ( drawings ). the characters and backgrounds were beautifully drawn, the story funny. later I learned that ASTERIX was already a hit in france and belgium for some years and there were 8 albums on the market. another series in the same magazine stuck out by its drawing quality, created by the same artist UDERZO, but the style looked completely different, very realistic – MICHEL TANGUY and his companion LAVERDURE in their adventures as mirage-pilotes in the french airforce. I was hooked from that day on and whenever I went back to france or belgium I tried to get as many ‘bandes dessinees’ as possible from all different artists, especially UDERZO, FRANQUIN, HERGE, MEZIERES, WASTERLAIN and MORRIS. over the years that became a huge collection. but it all started with that one magazine.

© pilote / albert uderzo




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15 08 2011

Great post, Hans!

My father was a subscriber to the Dutch comic magazine Pep (a magazine influenced by Pilote) from1966 to 1970. Pep also published Asterix, Lucky Luke, Michel Tanguy (for some reason he was called Mick Tangy in Holand) but also work from Dutch artists like Hans Kresse en Dick Matena. They also featured beautiful covers, often painted, Daan Jippes actually did quite a few of those.

My father had all these magazine bound together into 6 or 7 enormous books. I discovered these treasures when I was 14 years old. At the time I was already an avid reader of European comicbooks but these Peps introduced me to a all these amazing artists and stories. I have read those things a 100 times at least! The fun thing is that because I read these comics so much as a teen I now have a very old fashioned taste in comics: I have been ruined for life!

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