wilhelm m.busch 22

3 09 2011

the well known american writer HENRY MILLER wrote the touching short novel THE SMILE AT THE FOOT OF THE LADDER in 1948. miller was originally inspired by a series of circus- and clown-drawings by the cubist painter FERNAND LEGER. in 1961 WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated the german edition DAS LAECHELN AM FUSSE DER LEITER published by rowohlt verlag. I think these drawings are some of the best BUSCH created, maybe because he loved the circus so much and spent a lot of time there sketching the clowns and other circus scenes. below a selection

© wilhelm m.busch / rowohlt verlag




4 responses

3 09 2011
Christian Alzmann

Every time you post his work I love it. Are these from a particular book? I would love to track one down if possible.

4 09 2011

You’re right, they’re gorgeous!

5 09 2011

awsome! love to see in these serie’s

6 09 2011
Andreas Deja

Oh boy…..drawing doesn’t get better than this!
So beautiful!!

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