the ‘new’ book

21 10 2011

as I announced a few years ago, the NEW book is in the works. no, seriously – I am working hard on it now, together with a good friend and great artist, SANATAN SURYAVANSHI. above some of the artwork for the book. it is the second part of my book DREAM WORLDS, PRODUCTION DESIGN FOR ANIMATION and it will concentrate on COMPOSITION AND COLOR FOR FILM. if everything goes well it should be on the shelves sometime later next year, will keep you updated.

© bilderfabrik

moments 19

14 10 2011

I love the fashion photography of the 50s and 60s


12 10 2011

style 10.4

10 10 2011

storytelling and the visual arts are very close connected. look at the stories on the walls of the caves of lascaux. or most religious art throughout the middle ages, like the illuminated manuscripts or the stained glass windows of the christian cathedrals. art helps us to perceive aspects of reality we could not see otherwise. a chinese proverb says – one picture is worth ten thousand words, or – what ivan s.turgenev wrote 1862 in his novel ‘fathers and sons’ – ‘the drawing shows me at one glance what might be spread over ten pages in a book.’
in the compilation of artwork below I have collected some stories from all over the world. note besides the content their composition, the way the artists lead your eyes through their story. and study how the color is used to support the atmosphere, to help the viewer develop an emotional feeling.

regis loisel 5

9 10 2011

and some more of REGIS LOISEL’S visual development artwork for disney’s MULAN

© disney enterprises, inc / regis loisel

moments 18

7 10 2011

…in a hurry

5 10 2011