moments 19

14 10 2011

I love the fashion photography of the 50s and 60s




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16 10 2011

Momma mia… I love this so much! Thank you!!


P-S. Now I need this (or have to do this) in caricature version, with colours and pieces and everything. Gracias again!

16 01 2012

50’s and 60’s the most beautiful era. Luckily we have the photos and art to keep it alive in our hearts and minds!

from hans –
I wrote I like the fashion photography of that time. and that is about it. otherwise it was one of the worst time periods, except the WW2
time before. remember – mc carthy hunt in america, in europe the cold war always close to the edge, in germany no time for fun building up the destroyed country. I don’t have to many happy memories, except the family.

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