28 11 2011

the work on the new book turns into a major study. I wish I had learned that much forty years ago. unfortunately there was not enough information, or maybe I was too lazy. it takes a lot of time to study the old masters, in paintings and photographs. by studying I mean analyzing their work, their composition and choices of color, by doing my own interpretation. like the analysis of a 1886 MESCHERSKY painting above. so far I did way over one hundred new paintings. maybe I am still too much connected to what I did for so many years,  – developing styles for films -, somehow a new style evolved during the studies, cubist-style influenced with a lot of ingredients from french and swiss poster-art of the earlier part of the last century. I had no idea that painting and playing with ‘color-shapes’ can be so much fun, fortunately SAN, the co-author of the book, brings me always back down to earth…


11 11 2011

© bilderfabrik

wilhelm m.busch 24

5 11 2011

another selection of mostly older artwork created by WILHELM M.BUSCH

© wilhelm m.busch


1 11 2011

…from the book

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