1 11 2011

…from the book

© bilderfabrik



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2 11 2011
Ernesto Melo

Beautiful, Hans! The three color blocks remind me of master Johannes Itten when he talks about the color chords. It’s great to see how you are adding light over this dark sea of madness nowadays.

2 11 2011

Great as always!
Can’t wait to see the book:)

2 11 2011

Beautifull. What a tranquil scene. I’m very much looking forward to this book.


3 11 2011
Sander Kloppenburg

so beautiful!

4 11 2011

Really very fine.
In its simplicity, this picture due to its careful Composition, the serenity that it communicates.

About the tonal variation, the image is divided into three horizontal bands of color gradually darker (from top to bottom, ie in the sense of reading): the first arrives at the horizon line, the second, at the shadow on the water. The ship is “lying” almost exactly half of the image, this communicates a great sense of balance.

Similarly, in the vertical direction, the ship is included in a subdivision of three vertical bands, and one of the masts, coincides with the median vertical axis.
Because the elements of the image, coincide exactly with the visual lines – and they’re straight lines – the image is balanced. If the visual lines were curved, the image would appear dynamic. If the elements had not coincided with the lines, the image would appear unbalanced.

Beside this, allow me, Mr. Bacher, a small note: the ship is a little below the horizon line, so perhaps should it be seen at least at the eye level? Instead, in the picture, the ship is seen slightly from below
(in fact, its perspective lines, go toward another horizon line, perhaps coinciding with the wake on the water). This, if you look carefully, gives a little the impression that the sea surface is rising.

from hans –
the study is based on a photo I did from the 30.floor of a highriser, what means the horizon line is way higher than you think. and the directional line of the ship is not caused by wrong perspective but by the fact, that the ship is not loaded and the rear heavy part drags it down. besides that it is a pure composition and color study and I like it the way it is.

6 11 2011

Thank you so much, for clarifying my doubt. This image really like me.

12 11 2011


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