28 11 2011

the work on the new book turns into a major study. I wish I had learned that much forty years ago. unfortunately there was not enough information, or maybe I was too lazy. it takes a lot of time to study the old masters, in paintings and photographs. by studying I mean analyzing their work, their composition and choices of color, by doing my own interpretation. like the analysis of a 1886 MESCHERSKY painting above. so far I did way over one hundred new paintings. maybe I am still too much connected to what I did for so many years,  – developing styles for films -, somehow a new style evolved during the studies, cubist-style influenced with a lot of ingredients from french and swiss poster-art of the earlier part of the last century. I had no idea that painting and playing with ‘color-shapes’ can be so much fun, fortunately SAN, the co-author of the book, brings me always back down to earth…




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28 11 2011

I love these distilled illustrations. When will the book come out?

Great blog, thanks for sharing!

from hans –
hopefully in the 2.half of next year

28 11 2011

Awesome! Looking forward to it. On Amazon most reviews said the previous book was too small, and I agree. Its a cost-thing but the content is valuable enough to give it that little bit extra space, in humble opinion.

That painting is gorgeous … and addresses 2 things about water perfectly:

1. It often reflects the environment a little bit darker …
2. …unless shadows come into play.

Water is an enigma and there is just no sure-fire system to capture it, except looking with open eyes.

Thank you and good luck!

28 11 2011
Nacho Frades

This is wonderful Hans… pure beauty

28 11 2011


2 12 2011
David Nethery

I understand that the publisher needs to limit the number of pages and color reproductions to keep the cost of printing down, but if you have many extra paintings connected with the making of the book which will not be included in the main text of the book due to space limitations then perhaps those images could included on a supplementary CD/DVD that comes with the book ?

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