3 12 2011

this is post nr.700. on december 31, 2010, I compiled a LIST OF CONTENT with the first 600 chapters of this blog. soon I will update that list up to this post nr.700. for several reasons I slowed down posting, 100 in one year is not what I had done the previous years since september 12, 2008, when I started ANIMATION TREASURES. but I guess, most of you have never seen all the 700 posts. find out in the LIST OF CONTENT what might be interesting and then find it in the SEARCH-function.

for today I collected some of the reasons why I started to work in the ANIMATION business. in the early seventies I began animating, about twenty years later with the help and advice of RICHARD WILLIAMS and DON HAHN I moved into the concept- and production-design area, where I had a chance to work on some historic animated feature films. and I was very lucky to meet and work with some of the artists who created the masterpieces of the past that had started my love for animation.

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3 12 2011
Juan Bauty


5 12 2011

Calling these ‘jewels’ … is very suitable! Love the logo 😉 Thanks for sharing and congratulations.

5 12 2011

why do I love them so much? because they are related with my childhood or just because they’re so good?

6 12 2011

I thank you, mr. Bacher, for helping us to understand that an animation movie is a collective work of Art, that what we see on the screen is only part of a huge team effort and for letting us know many of the artists who have contributed together to create these jewels.

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