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16 12 2011

ALEX NINO created the following illustrations for the comic novel …JUST PASSING BY! in 1999. in my opinion it is the best work I ever saw from him. he allowed me to xerox the oversized originals before they went into printing and the text bubbles were added. unbelievable artwork, all drawn with a simple pen, hardly with any corrections on the total of twenty pages. the masterpiece was published in july 1999 in FRANK FRAZETTA FANTASY ILLUSTRATED, vol.1, number 7.

© alex nino / quantum cat entertainment




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16 12 2011


16 12 2011
Subway Slim

I woke up this morning to face a considerable illustration commission and was blessed with this inspiring post ! Brilliant – I haven’t looked at Nino’s work since he influenced me as a kid. Thanks for getting my day off to a good start – it’s just what I needed and relevant to what I’m working on !

best regards

30 12 2011
Céu D'Ellia

I guess his pleasure on doing it. Thank you so much for share it.
And by the way, thank you also for the Dream Worlds book. There are so many books on animation today (if compared with when I started 30 years ago), but the way you organized your one, with no rules but with a lot of deep considerations and propositions, it’s quite inspiring.

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