wilhelm m.busch 25

19 12 2011

some more selected artwork created by WILHELM M.BUSCH over a span of about forty years, that shows his incredible versatility in all different techniques – watercolor and etching, simple ballpointpen, pencil and rendered pen+ink. and they look so effortless done, just written down…

© wilhelm m.busch




2 responses

20 12 2011

I am now a new fan of his works.

21 12 2011

This is mind-blowing !!
So, you’re saying those were made over 40 years.. It makes me wonder if he ever was bad at it, haha
Thanks a Lot for sharing.

from hans –
his father was a famous painter and professor at an art academy. already in his younger years busch was an incredible talent, could draw and paint
and started to teach himself right after his studies. he became professor at the age of 36. his biography is very interesting, I wish I had met him.

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