30 12 2011

both illustrations were sketched by CHEN-YI CHENG and then inked and painted by me. the first one was for publication, the color piece created in january 1998 was the planned cover for the JEFF KURTI coffee-table book about disney’s MULAN, before FRED TIO together with MICHAEL HOBSON, DEREK SHIELDS and DANIEL CLARK designed the poster for the movie and it was decided to use the same stunning motif for the book cover as well.

© disney enterprises, inc




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7 06 2012


I do remember Mulan. And even as a legendary Ancient Chinese female warrior, she’s such a mighty woman! In fact, she’s strong, but feminine, and I knew she saved her country from death and destruction and invasion by those pesky Mongols (or Huns, as the movie that you’ve worked on refer to them)! I knew Mulan is a legendary Chinese woman as mighty, brave and noble a warrior, as she is young, fair and beautiful a maiden.

I first saw the movie that you’ve worked on when I was seven years old and I got Disney’s Mulan first on VHS in 1999, and later on 2-Disc DVD five years later.

Hans, even if I may become a filmmaker, film director, producer, or writer, or maybe even animation artist, in the future, I’m gonna work on what would probably be the biggest movie event that Hollywood, America, and the World may ever yet experienced, especially since and besides David O. Selznick’s 1939 Oscar-winning Civil War epic romance, Gone With The Wind.

Even in live action, even in stereoscopic 3-D and in Cinemascope/Panavision widescreen, even if it contains some DNA from Dexter’s Lab, Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack, as well as even imagery inspired by those by Genndy Tartakovsky, Craig McCracken, and other people that used to work on Dexter, Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack and the like, “The Princess of Shangara” as my movie would be called, would be as very much my own “Mulan movie” or my own “variant on Mulan”, but taking a far more nonmusical route than the movie that you’ve worked on as it is a teen fantasy epic in 3-D or so that would contain strands of Dexter’s Laboratory’s DNA, strands of The Powerpuff Girls’ DNA and/or even strands of Samurai Jack’s DNA.

The Princess of Shangara’s main principal source and inspiration would and may be the Ancient Chinese folk fable of Mulan, but it would also be culled from a huge variety of influences besides that.

The three main characters in my movie, “The Princess of Shangara” would be Daphne, Lilimaia (who would be the main central lead character in my movie, and The Princess of Shangara of the title) and Mikaela, and I wanted Daphne, Lilimaia and Mikaela to be physically based, even in live action form, on Dexter’s Sister Dee Dee and her two friends Lee Lee and Mee Mee in Dexter’s Laboratory.

The chief villain of Princess of Shangara would be an evil sorcerer/wizard named Red Dragon, who invests in a combination of high technology and his great, terrible magic to conquer and enslave Lilimaia’s world, and who, according to an ancient prophecy, Lilimaia is destined to destroy.

Even if the designs in Princess of Shangara had to be beautiful to distance the designs from most concept art and design that you have seen today, even if Genndy Tartakovsky may or may not be involved in Princess of Shangara, perhaps as lead conceptual artist and with me, director of some scenes, even if I direct it, even if it produce it, even if it I write much of the script, or even much of the final script myself, even if a slew of visual effects companies such as Weta Workshop and Weta Digital, ILM and others may populate The Princess of Shangara with CG and practical characters and CG and practical effects, and even if some of the special and visual effects in Princess of Shangara would be digital and some physical or practical and some a mix of practical or physical and CG elements, even so, The Princess of Shangara would hopefully be, especially in the 21st century, the biggest movie event that Hollywood, America and the World may ever yet experienced, especially besides and since Gone With The Wind, Citizen Kane, The Godfather and the like.

A thousand apologies for typing a very long comment, but The Princess of Shangara would be good, great, amazing, awesome, cool, and even epic, or would it, Hans?


from hans –
that sounds like a hell of a job, tim. good luck and – start looking early enough for the guys with the money and enough top
talent. I like your enthusiasm, when you want something so badly, it will happen.

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