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14 01 2012

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14 01 2012
michael sporn

The artwork from 101 Dalmatians is so inspirational for me. Thanks so much for reconstructing these backgrounds, Hans. I know how hard some of them are – such as that next to last one where the trees move at a different speed than the underlying BG.

19 01 2012
Fraser MacLean

Many thanks for taking so much time over these, Hans. I’m sure most people reading your blog will already know this, but – just in case – the recently-released Disney Archive Series book, “Layout & Background” also contains some fine examples of BG layout drawings displayed alongside the completed paintings, as does Pierre Lambert’s exquisite “Le Livre de la Jungle”. This will no doubt seem like a shameless plug (which, of course, it is…), but I was also immensely grateful to Disney for allowing me to include two particular comparison examples from “101 Dalmatians” in “Setting The Scene”: first of all they were generous enough to allow one of Walt Peregoy’s color-only paintings to be shown alongside the ink (or Xerox) outline artwork for one of the panning shots of Roger and Anita’s living room, and then, in addition to that, they responded very favorably to the suggestion by Chronicle Books and the wonderful design team at MacFadden & Thorpe that a color still from the “expectant fathers” be printed on vellum and aligned over the original line artwork for the nocturnal kitchen interior, displayed on the cover itself. It’s great to see so many studios, archives and bloggers drawing attention to all this beautiful – and technically accomplished – artwork. Thank you!

from hans –
this is a good opportunity to thank you for your fantastic book, fraser! of course the 101 dalmatian artwork is special to me, but I am very happy that you feature so much of THE THIEF and ROY NESBIT’S amazing work.

20 01 2012
Fraser MacLean

Hey there, Hans, it was very much thanks to Roy that the book gathered the initial momentum that it needed – he was the first layout artist I interviewed for “Setting The Scene” and, after that, every other artist I approached was only too delighted to be included – on a list with Roy’s name at the top of it…! For all those who have an interest in Roy’s work, there’s no better site to visit at the moment than Neil Boyle’s excellent blog about the making of “The Last Belle”: Neil was kind enough to allow the film to be screened at BAF 2011, as the closing item for the presentation that Roy and Scott Caple were kind enough to help out with, all about the importance of Layout. Seeing both men being hounded for autographs – at BAF AND by the animation students at Bournemouth University – was really wonderful. Thanks once again, Hans (and Michael), for preparing and posting all this very valuable and inspiring material…! Some day it would be wonderful to see a beautifully illustrated book, all about the development, design and production of “The Thief & The Cobbler”, although I can fully appreciate how difficult it might be to compile.

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Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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