midnight 17

26 03 2012


style 10.5.3

25 03 2012

more stylistic variations, looking at people in ART

regis loisel 6

22 03 2012

here is the last part of REGIS LOISEL’S visual development work for disney’s MULAN.

© disney enterprises, inc / regis loisel

recent singapore

16 03 2012

on my photo-blog I uploaded some recent pictures from singapore


11 03 2012

8 May 1938 – 10 March 2012

JEAN HENRI GASTON GIRAUD, or as we knew him under his pseudonyms MOEBIUS and GIR, has died today in paris after a long battle with cancer, age 73. besides his creations in the comic strip world – BLUEBERRY, THE MAGAZINE METAL HURLANT, THE AIRTIGHT GARAGE, ARZACH and L’INCAL – moebius worked in live action and animation films – ALIEN, THE FIFTH ELEMENT, TIME MASTERS, LITTLE NEMO and TRON. HAYAO MIYAZAKI and GIRAUD were longtime friends. miyazaki said about moebius’ work – through ARZACH, which dates from 1975 I believe, I only met it in 1980, and it was a big shock. not only for me. all manga authors were shaken by this work. unfortunately when I discovered it, I already had a consolidated style. so I couldn’t use his influence to enrich my drawing. though, even today, I think he has an awesome sense of space. I directed NAUSICAA under MOEBIUS’ influence. –

© moebius

style 10.5.2

9 03 2012

some more people in art…

# 299

8 03 2012