wilhelm m.busch 27

1 03 2012

WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated JIM DODGE’S novel – FUP -, written 1983, in the following year, 1984, for the berlin ULLSTEIN verlag. the story is about a duck, named FUP, who lives on a farm with an old man who believes he is immortal due to the homemade whiskey ( he got the recipe from a dying indian ) he drinks. busch created very sketchy beautiful composed pen+ink drawings, giving you the feeling of the old man’s small world seen through a wideangle lens.

© wilhelm m.busch / ullstein verlag




2 responses

1 03 2012
Andreas Deja

So much great stuff in every illustration!
The wide-angle layouts are incredible, takes you right into the image.

1 03 2012

Awesome post!!
Dang, Wilhelm is the Man!

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