animal farm

3 03 2012

the allegorical novel ANIMAL FARM written by GEORGE ORWELL was published in great britain in 1945. the english producer team JOHN HALAS and JOY BATCHELOR acquired the rights in 1951, it took nearly three years to complete the first english animated feature film, theatrical release was on january 7, 1954. the film was first rated R, for an audience not under 18, because of its very political and violent content. some critics wrote – ‘disney turns serious’. the character design is indeed disney-esque, very much in contrast to the cruel story events, the animation was supervised by english top-animator HAROLD WHITAKER. all in all a very interesting film worth seeing. following is some production artwork from the 1954 published book THE ANIMATED FILM, written by ROGER MANVELL.

© halas+batchelor




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3 03 2012
michael sporn

The film seems to have touched me at a very vulnerable age, and I have strong attachment to it. Whitaker did a splendid job. Halas gave me a drawing and cel of Boxer the horse, which I treasure.
In ways I wish there were more actually written about the making of this film.

4 03 2012
peter oedekoven

I loved that movie when I was little.
Especially the scene in which Boxer was taken away to the butcher .
Such a strong image!

5 03 2012
Ignacio Ochoa

A few months ago, searching on a dvd store, I found a copy of this films, but I did not buy because the cover art looked like an eighties low budget film.
I will try to find this copy again.
Thanks from Argentina.

6 03 2012

Very dramatic light inThe BG layouts, almost expressionist.The story is very dark and left me with a feeling of sadness.

25 03 2012
Martin Bowman

I think the artist who drew the barn interior images above was influenced by Sir George Clausen, who made a series of images of English barns and their interiors with strong lighting effects at the end of the 19th century – an excellent example can be seen here:

from hans –
thank you for the link, martin. clausen’s work is stunning

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