21 06 2012

the following captured images and recreated backgrounds are from the 1943 WALTER LANTZ – WOODY WOODPECKER short WELL OILED. the earlier posted BAMBI backgrounds are roughly from the same period of time, but what a difference in quality. it is not a style, they are just painted sloppy, as if the painter was not interested at all to come up with some decent look. but – you judge yourself…

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21 06 2012

Well, they are more sketchier for sure. The paint seems to be somehow transparent too, in some areas you can see the grass layer peeking thru the trees. Is it gouache?

23 06 2012

🙂 Its funny to compare with the previous post indeed.
But these where not painted for a long animated prestige feature; only a modest serial cartoon.

from hans –
that’s why I compare them with another modest serial cartoon in my following post

23 06 2012

Right! Sorry, I should have noticed!
It’s obvious that Disney had artistic ambitions other animation studios hadn’t (at least in the thirties)

16 07 2012
Pierre Fontaine

I’m curious as to how the backgrounds were intended to be used.

I’m unfamiliar with either the Disney or Lantz films. However, If the Lantz backgrounds were intended to pass by quickly (just a guess since the backgrounds are of roadways), then a quicker execution could be justified.

If the backgrounds were to pass by slowly, as if the characters are slowly exploring the space (and given the fact that it is a spooky interior), then a more deliberate execution would certainly be justified since there would be more time for the eye to linger on the details.

Just a thought!

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