gripsholm castle

7 07 2012

KURT TUCHOLSKY, 1890 – 1935, wrote the multi-layered allegorical lovestory GRIPSHOLM CASTLE ( schloss gripsholm ) in 1931, predicting the rise of national socialism in germany. the ERNST ROWOHLT VERLAG published a new edition of the novel in 1964, illustrated by WILHELM M.BUSCH. different from most of his illustration work BUSCH created here caricatures, effortless written down in pen and ink.

© wilhelm m.busch / rowohlt verlag hamburg




3 responses

9 07 2012

these are incredible! thanks for sharing

9 07 2012
Phil Spehar

wow these are amazing, so inspiring!

29 08 2013
Andrei Posea

I looked more closely at the circus illustrations, at the horse drawing’s etc, and, unlike this, they are made directly, because the thine lines behind reveals the fact that Busch (searched )was look out for the form(shape) because a composition like those cannot be made directly with just one line(I mean without any mistake). but here, It is more than sure that Busch used the tracing technique, because the line is too “clean” and this technique we can see also to other drawings of Busch you’ve posted(JOHANNA SPYRI novel, for instance, etc). If I am writing you this is s because I am trying to understand, what is behind the image, especially the technique – just like Delacroix did with Rubens’s paintings. It’s nice to see an image. the harder thing is analyzing and understand it.

from hans –
you are right, andrei. I will try to find some more good and bigger reproductions of his work in the ‘work-catalogues’ where you might see more

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