wilhelm m.busch 30.2

24 07 2012

now the continued illustrations WILHELM M.BUSCH created for ZOLA’S – LES ROUGON MACQUART

© wilhelm m.busch / winkler verlag / bertelsmann verlag




5 responses

28 07 2012

Wow, those are just amazing; Thank you for sharing.

29 07 2012

Dear Mr.Bacher,

It was great meeting you in person in Mumbai. Learning more about you as a person and professional and getting my copy of Dreamworlds autographed by you… I am a regular visitor on your blog (you are blogrolled on mine), though am not that regular with my comments, because most of the time I feel there is so much to learn and absorb from your blogs that I personally find myself incapable and under-qualified to comment on these great stuff you post from your archives. I am always overwhelmed, when I see you sharing your immense experience and impart knowledge to all of us, and I don\’t think I can thank you enough for that.

You have met a lot of people yesterday, so its obvious that you might not spot out who I am. Kushal Ruia introduced me to you before your session, I am producing and directing a Documentary Film on Indian Comic Books. I would love to share a small clip with you, to get your feedback as and when you have the time. Let me know if I can forward you the youtube link of our trailer.



from hans –
dear alok, it was so nice to meet you all. don’t feel underqualified or overwhelmed and please – leave a comment. you can send me e-mail as well, and I promise I will be back soon!

30 07 2012

These drawings are just goegeous. Like you said, it doesn’t matter what medium you choose, it’s what you do with it. These are masterpieces! 🙂

30 07 2012

many time your sketches are inspiration to me all the time
and i hope that when you come back next time in india we can see hard copy of your masterpieces…!!!

14 08 2012

I’d like to get a copy of this book in english but with this art! Is there an english translation?

from hans –
no, I am afraid there is none. but you could improvise…

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