mulan historic 1

10 08 2012

as comparison here are some kind of ‘historic’ designs I did for disney’s MULAN in october 1995. starting with the very first rough black/white sketch, about postcard size, and together with my own logo for the fim, at that time after ‘the legend of fa-mulan’ as a working title ‘the legend of mulan’. the dragon survived in the final logo. then a step inbetween, a marker sketch, about 6 x 10 cm. and the final 12 field acrylic painting on cardboard. the last design in this post is the very first planned cover of the ART OF MULAN book by jeff kurtti. I like the final cover with the original powerful poster much better.

© disney enterprises, inc




4 responses

11 08 2012

simply grate sir…
just a line stroke and still it full fill the composition ..

13 08 2012
Ignacio Ochoa


I really like how you’ve searched over and over again on the same idea.

14 08 2012

These are simply mindblowing Mr.Bacher, and we are lucky that you chose to share these on your blog, because the book is out of print for such a longtime that I suspect we will ever get to see these superb explorations. Please post some explorations from Hercules as well, it was a pleasure to see some of that in your presentation at Whistling Woods International…

17 09 2012
francesca natale

always loved this

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