18 09 2012

digging through boxes and drawers I found some historic ‘ducks’, probably from 1988 / 1989, – ALFRED JODOCUS KWAK. the concept had been developed by dutch entertainer HERMAN VAN VEEN, HARALD SIEPERMANN and myself did all the thousands of drawings for 3 comic books, 4 educational books, the storyboards and style-designs for a 52-episode tv series ( produced in japan ) as well as tons of drawings for the connected merchandise ( about 400 different products available in some bigger stores and QUELLE at that time ). there was no photoshop, it all had to be drawn with steel-nibs and chinese ink on some white sheets called ‘paper’ and colored with extremely life threatening chemicals out of funny looking felt-sticks. I know from my students that these little unknown details have to be explained to a younger generation…

© van veen / siepermann / bacher


cat and dog

16 09 2012

following some beautiful CHUCK JONES roughs from the 1952 warner brothers short FEED THE KITTY

© WB / chuck jones


14 09 2012

study after a photo by cecil beaton

la rosa di bagdad

11 09 2012

a while ago on june 30, 2010, I posted the recreated opening pan of the historic italian animated feature film THE ROSE OF BAGHDAD. since I have now a much better quality version of this film I recreated the full opening again. here is the beautiful background together with the main credits. you can find more information about the film in my earlier post.

© fiorella domeneghini


6 09 2012

the screen captured scenes above are from a short 7 VERSIONS OF A FAIRY TALE the hungarian animator and director ATTILA DARGAY ( 1927 – 2009 ) created in the eighties. he started after his art studies in 1948 at hungary’s national theatre in budapest as a scenery painter, from 1957 on he worked as animator and created a number of shorts, in 1976 his first directed animation feature film MATTIE THE GOOSEBOY, followed by THE FOX in 1981 and THE CAPTAIN OF THE FOREST in 1987. the FAIRY TALE short starts with some picture book paintings showing heroic knights fighting dragons and saving the princess, then changes into a very different cartoony style to deal with the same content but in a very different way. the short is beautifully animated and full of great gags.

© attila dargay

speed paintings

3 09 2012

from one of my favorite disney shorts – THE TORTOISE AND THE HARE, 1934

© disney enterprises, inc

the painter poet

2 09 2012

that’s what CARL SPITZWEG was called, he lived from 1808 – 1885 in munich, germany, where he portrayed the daily life in humorous scenes, painted cartoons. you can read more about him in my earlier post from january 6, 2009. below some more of his artwork

© carl spitzweg

The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.