cat and dog

16 09 2012

following some beautiful CHUCK JONES roughs from the 1952 warner brothers short FEED THE KITTY

© WB / chuck jones




8 responses

16 09 2012
Alan Kerswell

One of my all time favourites!

17 09 2012

“Marc Anthony! Well! I never!”
Haha, my all time favorite too.

17 09 2012
Peter Hale

A reminder (for me, since I’d grown to dislike the mannered style of his 60s/70s work) of just how good a draughtsman Chuck Jones really was, when his heart was in it. I love the drawing of Pussyfoot clawing Marc Anthony’s fur, and the complex assumed casualness of MA’s “oh, nothing.. just having to powder my nose…” pose.

from hans –
you are right. there is so much talk about the talent at the disney studios of the old days. there were others around too…

18 09 2012

Chuck Jones was,is and always will be a hero of mine. From his classic WB cartoons to Dr Seuss he never lost my attention or admiration!

18 09 2012
Segun O. Mosuro

Thanks for sharing these amazing drawings.

18 09 2012

marvellously funny!

19 09 2012
H. Pflaeging

Just brilliant!
Try expressing this in 3D Animation!

8 10 2012

Awesome ! can’t get enough of it

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