18 09 2012

digging through boxes and drawers I found some historic ‘ducks’, probably from 1988 / 1989, – ALFRED JODOCUS KWAK. the concept had been developed by dutch entertainer HERMAN VAN VEEN, HARALD SIEPERMANN and myself did all the thousands of drawings for 3 comic books, 4 educational books, the storyboards and style-designs for a 52-episode tv series ( produced in japan ) as well as tons of drawings for the connected merchandise ( about 400 different products available in some bigger stores and QUELLE at that time ). there was no photoshop, it all had to be drawn with steel-nibs and chinese ink on some white sheets called ‘paper’ and colored with extremely life threatening chemicals out of funny looking felt-sticks. I know from my students that these little unknown details have to be explained to a younger generation…

© van veen / siepermann / bacher



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21 09 2012
Florian Satzinger

All of these are beautiful.

30 09 2012
Denzel De Meerleer

Remember watching this when I was a kid! Absolutely loved it!!!!

16 10 2012
David Goebel

This brings back a lot of memories (Not only this pen and paper technology you mention)! I knew of you and Harald S. as Disney artists first and was amazed when I saw a few years ago that you two did Alfred. I watched the show religiously and owned the original comic book as a kid.

3 11 2012
Rudolf Root

The pictures were colored with Magic Markers?!!

from hans –
the felt-tip markers I used were AD-markers and PANTONE-markers, later the alcohol based GRAPHIC-markers. airbrush was done with PANTONE- fineliners, and highlights and corrections with gouache.

4 11 2012
Rudolf Root


Magic Markers constituted a rather dangerous hazard:
I heard of some illustrators who worked with them for a long time and now suffer from a variety of diseases, all connected to the respiratory and/or to the nervous system.

But I loved the smell of them, anyway.
Just as much as I really liked the smell of gas at the petrol station in the 6o’s.

from hans –
yes the benzol in them affected the liver and the kidneys, I got very ill from them. well, when you work and you are successful you don’t think of the problems threatening you when you get older.

16 04 2016
Chris Sobieniak (@ChriSobieniak)

I always feel let down I never knew about this show at all until the 2000’s, this was because nobody in the US seem to had an interest in bringing this over, which I’m sure would’ve held up quite well among the usual stuff we were seeing at the time in the 90’s.

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