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25 10 2012

found some interesting looking magazine ads in my drawers from the 70s and 80s




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25 10 2012
Florian Satzinger

I do remember the Samson ads, do you know who the artist was? Many, many thanks for posting! Your blog is a treasure chest.

from hans –
hallo florian, it was WOLF ERLBRUCH. he worked inbetween his study years at the folkwang school (where I studied as well) for a while in one of best duesseldorf advertising agencies – TEAM. they became later TEAM BBDO, one of the world’s biggest advertising company. I worked there as well as a freelancer during my 2. semester, it was the year 1970, and met wolf. later we studied together with the same professor. wolf was already at that time in his mid twenties famous in the advertising world, for being a fast, funny and stylized storyboard and layout artist. very often they would use his layout roughs as finished art, I remember most of the time he used a very soft pencil doing small rough looking sketches. they blew them up big on a special matte photo paper and he colored it with magic marker feltpen. he was complaining same as myself about the many night shifts. but, we earned very good money in those days.

29 10 2012
Florian Satzinger

Erlbruch! Thank you, Hans! Many thanks for the detailed answer.

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