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28 10 2012

A LONG TIME AGO, when disney films were only re-released every 7 to 8 years, when these films were not out on DVD because there was no DVD, when you could not see the latest film-trailers on youtube and when publications about film in general were rare, there were at least window displays in front of the movie theatres ( the days before they were hidden in shopping malls ). in these small windows the latest films were announced with a big poster as well as a selection of 10 to 20 high-glossy photographs with images from the film. the size of the pictures was about A4 in a very good quality. in some cases they were originally in black/white and had been colored by hand in horrible colors – as you can see below. in case you knew the theatre owner you could get some of those pictures, much later a big swapping market developped and the value of those old lobby-cards, as they were called, increased. I have quite a big collection, most of them are from the 70s and 80s, and will post them once in a while.

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29 10 2012
Michael Sporn

Seeing some of these lobby cards gets my heart racing mildly in nostalgia, the memory of these beautiful images just so exciting to see again. I’d go past a theater showing these films just to look again at the lobby cards when I was a kid, in anticipation of my seeing the movies that weekend.

4 11 2012
David Goebel

Great collection! I had never heard that full German title for 101 Dalmatians…

I seem to remember that you posted your own cover designs for Disney video tapes on a previous blog. Is there any chance we get to see those again?

from hans –
do you mean my personal designed DVD covers for my tv-taped collection?

4 11 2012
David Goebel

Yes, that must be it. I remember liking those a lot but I can’t find them anymore.

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