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28 11 2012

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27 11 2012

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26 11 2012

mel shaw ( 1914 – 2012 )

25 11 2012

MEL SHAW, one of the last DISNEY-LEGENDS, has passed away at the age of 97.

the picture shows him working on BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in london, september 1989.

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24 11 2012

here are a few more recreated backgrounds from FLEISCHER’S SUPERMAN shorts, some pretty impressive city views. all from 1942, ELECTRIC EARTHQUAKE, MAGNETIC TELESCOPE, SHOWDOWN and BULLETEERS.

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22 11 2012

warner brothers restaured some of the FLEISCHER SUPERMAN-SHORTS and posted them on YouTube. on cartoon brew you can read more about it. the shorts look like brandnew and inspired me to recreate one pan-background, more will follow. I chose a pan to start with from the SUPERMAN short SHOWDOWN, released october 1942. it shows a beautifully watercolor-painted apartment at night, with different lightsources from a fireplace, lamps and moonlight. have a look below

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bay sunset

2 11 2012