life drawing

5 12 2012

earlier this year a colleague, prof.hannes rall, and myself decided to introduce additional life drawing classes every second saturday morning. we could convince a lot of students that drawing is still very important in our digital controlled artworld. there are problems, especially when it comes to fast gesture sketching. but we see a lot of improvement as well. below are some of my sketches of the students sketching

life drawing comp 2012




2 responses

5 12 2012
Christoph Heuer

Looks and Sounds like Fun!

10 12 2012
abhishek singh

little thumbnails, all alive, loved your cinematic frames on the grid paper, one post down.
Hans, going through your blog has been an education, dream world only added to this phenomenon and now i’m eagerly waiting for your second book.
i missed the chance of meeting you when you came down to india, a rare opportunity, but for any discounts i made it to vienna to see the most definitive gustav klimnt’s show.
hopefully you’ll descend down here soon again.
my book just got released by Image comics, i’ll find a way to send it to you, as you have been one of my inspirations.
bits are there on my blog.
Thank you for sharing this gold and for all the inspiration.

from hans –
thank you, abhishek, for the kind comment. I will let you know when I next time in india. or if you happen to make it to singapore…

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