study 12-12-12

12 12 2012

an interesting day today, number-combination wise! within the last two weeks I did hundreds of sketches for the new book, studies in composition in general. and looking back I can see how much I learned from every single one. below are a few

studies 12-12a
studies 12-12b




6 responses

12 12 2012
Phil Spehar

Amazing! I cant wait to see the book! Also I love the fingerprint element as a texture!

12 12 2012

When will the book be published Hans? I can’t wait, every little thing about it you post looks amazing! I shared this post on my tumblr, hope that’s okay with you?

13 12 2012

Beautiful Hans! These black and white compositions are the essence of your

14 12 2012
Nikhita P.

Beautiful work sir! 🙂 I can’t wait for the book. You have taught me a lot about composition and tones through Dreamworlds! Amazing stuff. 🙂 Really really looking forward to it.

14 12 2012
tegan clancy

the power of shapes in your composition is fantastic!

15 12 2012
george cwirkogodycki

just incredible work, its so inspiring to see how with all your years of doing art, and all your knowledge, you still keeping doing better work than ever, more simple and precise and exact, with such virtuosity in every mark. i cant wait to own this book!

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