mulan findings 3

13 01 2013

mulan title+poster

you probably remember the MULAN-poster, the red-one on the left .this version was used in the US and in europe, other versions were developed for the rest of the world – here you can see 2 alternatives for asia. FRED TIO and his designers in disney publications created the designs. I remember the presentation meeting, wow, I could not believe my eyes. stunning! it could not be better! but not everybody was excited, for some of the executives the motif and the execution was not ‘disney’ enough. it was a fight. fortunately the poster was chosen and became a huge success. the cover for the follow-up vhs-cassette ( at that time there was no DVD yet ) is another story, less nice.
anyway, the dragon was from the beginning the ‘leitmotif’, I developed the first one for the emperor’s seal. for internal use I came up with a preliminary logo as header for our artwork with a more stretched dragon. that dragon made it into the final logo. for a while I was involved in the search for that logo, a typical lettering and even the title. in the very beginning it was FA-MULAN, as you can see we had several very different titles and chose the simple short ‘MULAN’ in the end. a good choice.

mulan logos

funny coincidence – I live now for 2 years here in singapore. and in one of singapore’s many parks, the chinese garden, there is a HUA MULAN ( her original name ) sculpture.

Sculpture of Hua Mulan in Chinese Garden, Singapore

© disney enterprises, inc



4 responses

14 01 2013
Nikhita P

These explorations are absolutely wonderful. Are they done with a reed pen?

from hans –
…with a japanese brushpen

18 01 2013
Javier Olivares

The Mulan red poster is ( probably) my favorite Disney movie poster ever.

27 01 2014

I miss those days – Disney came out with some truly great poster designs that weren’t just “floating heads of the main characters.” That red poster is just superb.

I remember that they had the Japanese version with the sword outside the animation tour in Florida and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I always wanted a copy.

And laughing at “Mulan Rouge”…

26 10 2014

How serious were you about the Mulan Rouge thing? 😉

from hans –
are you serious?

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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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