F K Waechter

15 01 2013


‘to draw means – to spread the black in your eyes over a white surface’ is a quote the german illustrator and cartoonist FRIEDRICH KARL WAECHTER came up with. waechter was born 1937 in danzig, fled after WWII with his family to west-germany. after his studies in graphic design at the alsterdamm artschool in hamburg he moved to frankfurt where he first worked as a cartoonist for DIE ZEIT, but moved on very soon in 1962 to the new founded satirical magazine PARDON. he created the magazine’s logo, the little devil, and contributed until 1992 numerous cartoons and subversive nonsense. together with comic-writers and cartoonist-friends like ROBERT GERNHARDT, HANS TRAXLER and CLODWIG POTH he founded the NEW FRANKFURT SCHOOL. additional to his PARDON-work waechter created a number of unusual children books, like his version of THE ANTI-STRUWWELPETER, his version of THE BIBLICAL CREATION and some more anti-authoritarian fables. besides teaching, writing books and working for the theatre stage, he co-founded another german satirical magazine in 1979, TITANIC. F K WAECHTER died in 2005 after a battle with lung cancer. during my study years I grew up with PARDON and his work and he is still one of my favorite cartoonists. below a few examples of his work.

pardon 1962082

© F K Waechter / pardon




2 responses

15 01 2013
Uli Meyer

“Wahrscheinlich guckt wieder kein Schwein” bringt mir immer wieder Tränen in die Augen. So ein Jammer daß man das nicht übersetzen kann.

22 03 2013

Strangely, the Pardon’s logo was used by a German born streetwear creator in La Reunion island with same name: Pardon.

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