mulan findings 4

14 02 2013

this is the color script for one of the first sequences in disney’s MULAN that went into production – the song sequence I’LL MAKE A MAN OUT OF YOU. the head of background in the florida studio BOB STANTON painted the thumbnails

mulan color script MAN

© disney enterprises, inc




2 responses

15 02 2013
Alexei Kobelev

What a colors! And all done by hand. So even digital productions require good portion of real paint. I wonder what time it takes to draw one of these thumbnails?

from hans –
all the backgrounds were still painted traditionally on MULAN, on cardboard with acrylics. and the color keys were done pretty fast, as far as I remember inclusive discussion and changes about 3 days.

22 02 2013

Those really are beautiful… so many different atmospheres. Amazing to hear that they painted all the backgrounds! I’ll have to watch it again – never occurred to me to assume that, I guess the digital era isn’t as digital as I thought!

from hans –
it was still ‘pre-digital’, the film premiered june 1998

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