a sad day

17 02 2013

train station

for harald




7 responses

17 02 2013
Florian Satzinger

Es tut mir leid Hans; was ihr zwei für ein Team wart.

Alles Liebe, Florian

18 02 2013

This is such sad news. My sympathies.

18 02 2013

Dieses Bild spricht mir aus der Seele. Danke, danke.

21 02 2013

An image to meditate…

21 02 2013
Marcelo Vignali

I’m still in a state of shock. I didn’t know that Harald was battling with cancer.
What a beautiful human being, I’m grateful to have had the privilege to have known his company and to call him my friend. I’m heartbroken for his family — his girls are the same age as mine. As I’m sure you’re heartbroken as well to lose such a dear and close friend — my condolences for your loss Hans.

Harald’s talent was simply remarkable, and continues to be an inspiration to me — as I believe he will continue to inspire many generations to come.

21 02 2013
Peter Graf

This is really a sad day.
Ich bin sehr traurig.

10 03 2013
Aaron blaise

Very sad…

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