inspiring art 2

30 04 2013

inspiring art 2


inspiring art 1

29 04 2013

inspiring art 1

studies 27413

27 04 2013


lazy afternoon

23 04 2013

lighttower 4-13


21 04 2013

mountain sunset 2

more brushsets

17 04 2013

there seems to be quite some interest in photoshop brushes. it is really easy to create them, and fun too. the only problem occurs after you have done some hundred of them and did not organize them – in a big mess you don’t find anything anymore. to give you some ideas for new brushes I have compiled some below, as well as the painting-tests I usually do to find out if they are as good as I imagined.

text.brush COMP D413
brushtest-comp 2.4-13


15 04 2013

over the weekend I created some new brushes for my photoshop-brushset #761. the set consists so far of 69 brushes, what brings the total amount of brushes up to an estimated 20.000. below is a test for a ‘halftone’-brush in that same set, I used it to paint some different looking clouds in the STORMY AFTERNOON test. I add as well a compilation of a few more tests for some of the other brushes in that set.

brush 761-16
1stormy sea
2new brushes TESTS 4-13

wilhelm m.busch 34

14 04 2013

in 1976 WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated a collection of short stories around horses in a paperback edition of the german wilhelm heyne-verlag, DAS PARADIES DER ERDE ( paradise on earth ). there are dozens of very small printed illustrations in the book, done in pen and ink, ballpoint pen and pencil.

busch horses 4
busch horses 8
busch horses 5
busch horses 6
busch horses 7
busch horses 3
busch horses 9
busch horses 10
busch horses 1
busch horses 2

© wilhelm m.busch / heyne verlag muenchen

dirk baksteen

8 04 2013

art logo 2

not too much can be found on the internet about DIRK BAKSTEEN, 1886 – 1971. accidentally I saw one of his paintings and liked it so much that I had to find more about this artist and his work. BAKSTEEN was born in rotterdam, netherlands, where he attended evening classes at the art academy. in 1912 he settled in mol, belgium. mol becomes later the center of the MOLSE SCHOOL, following the successful BARBIZON SCHOOL earlier in france. the ‘school of mol’ becomes popular for their PLEIN AIR art, – besides BAKSTEEN, JACOB SMITS, PAUL MATHIEU and GASTON DE BIEMME are some of the representatives of the group. baksteen met american etching artist W.SHERWOOD who introduced him to all the secrets of the engraving technique. baksteen became member of the chicago etching society in 1924 and had an exhibit in the palais de beaux arts in bruxelles in 1935. I love the way he portrays nature in that part of europe, with its open wide fields and the simple cottages. too bad I did not know his work when I worked on ‘beauty and the beast’.

1Dirk Baksteen (Belgian, 1886-1971) ~ Hoeve in de Sneeuw
3Dirk Baksteen24
4Olieverf op doek dirk baksteen 1935
5baksteen comp
6Dirk Baksteen

The Hidden History of Oz

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The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.