15 04 2013

over the weekend I created some new brushes for my photoshop-brushset #761. the set consists so far of 69 brushes, what brings the total amount of brushes up to an estimated 20.000. below is a test for a ‘halftone’-brush in that same set, I used it to paint some different looking clouds in the STORMY AFTERNOON test. I add as well a compilation of a few more tests for some of the other brushes in that set.

brush 761-16
1stormy sea
2new brushes TESTS 4-13



5 responses

16 04 2013
Jared Shear

Nice! I picked up your brush book a few years ago. I still find myself using them in my today.

16 04 2013

These brushes are amazing! Is the book mentioned by the above poster still available? – I couldn’t find it myself after a bit of a search, and I would love to chase down a copy

from hans –
my book DESIGNED BRUSHES FOR PHOTOSHOP was published by BORN DIGITAL in tokyo, japan around 2006. it contained a DVD with about 7.500 brushes. in the meantime I have done 3 times more. from what I heard it is impossible to get the book even through amazon japan. I can’t even reach the publisher because nobody understands english. maybe time for a new book…

16 04 2013

Thanks for the reply – that’s such a shame it’s impossible to get hold of now..! I’ll keep fingers and toes crossed for a new book in the future

17 04 2013

A lot of people are release brush sets through a lot various channels right now. You probably have the most comprehensive set around and I wouldn’t be surprised if you could charge $20 direct to most people and they would be lining up around the block to download it. The most recent set I purchased was from Kyle Webster and you can probably try to reach him at I’d love to get my hands on these, but not without you getting paid for them. Amazing work as always.

25 04 2013

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