georges barbier

17 06 2013

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georges barbier born 1882

in the year 1911 GEORGES BARBIER (1892-1932), at the age of 29, had his first exhibition in paris and became subsequently for the next 20 years one of the most successful artists of the 20th century, with commissions to design theatre and ballet costumes, to illustrate books and to create haute couture fashion illustrations.
barbier was influenced by AUBREY BEARDSLEY (1872-1898) and LEON BAKST (1866-1924), as well as ERTE (1892-1990). from the early twenties on ERTE and BARBIER both designed for the FOLIES BERGERE in paris, and were asked in 1924 to work for hollywood movies. while erte went to hollywood to costume a number of movies, including some segments of BEN HUR, barbier stayed in paris and sent his designs for a movie project to new york. he had been hired by silent movie star RUDOLPH VALENTINO and his designer-wife NATACHA RAMBOVA, to work on their film MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE.
one of the great fashion magazines GAZETTE DU BON TON had barbier’s illustrations from 1912-1925, when it was bought out by VOGUE, where barbier continued with his work. the last stage show he worked on was PARIS SHAKES at the casino de paris with legendary JOSEPHINE BAKER. georges barbier died in 1932 at the age of 50.

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18 06 2013

classy! deco! and what a sense of color! thanks!

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