nasty canasta

25 06 2013

NASTY CANASTA is the villain in one of my favorite BUGS BUNNY shorts, BARBARY COAST BUNNY. the cartoon, released in july 1956, was directed by CHUCK JONES, animation by ABE LEVITOW, RICHARD THOMPSON and KEN HARRIS, layouts by ROBERT GRIBBROEK, backgrounds PHILIP DE GUARD. below some scene captures.

barbary coast bunny comp

© WB




2 responses

25 06 2013
Kenzie (manicmation)

You can never go wrong with Jones.

24 08 2013
Liim Lsan

I did a zerlegung of this cartoon a while back… genaueste ich kann vermutung –
#5 – Dick Thompson
#6 – either Ken Harris or Abe Levitow
#7 – Ken Harris (Well, by huckleberry!)
#8 – Thompson
#9 – Thompson
#10 – Thompson
#11 – Harris
#12 – Thompson
#13 – Abe Levitow
#14 – Levitow
#15 – Levitow
#16 – Either Harris or Thompson
#17 – Thompson
#18 – Thompson
#19 – almost certainly Harris
#20 – Levitow. (A mere formality. (chuckle) So nobody ELSE comes out on 23.)

I adore Levitow’s work – it’s very easy to identify when you see his original drawings. He would carve out giant swoops and s-curves freehand with a grease pencil…and generally he would draw the characters like little furry pills. (The opening sequence of “Stop! Look! and Hasten!” with the coyote hunting the Tin Can – that’s Levitow to a tee.)
(Compare that with Thompson’s quintessenzial scene – Daffy trying to fight the Shropshire Slasher in “Deduce, you say.” The stablich timing, the bulgy eyes, the grafikness of it all.)
Mein Deutsche ist shrecklich, wie ich kann übersetzen auch.)

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