alfred the duck

6 07 2013


the idea behind this very first comic strip album-cover for ALFRED J KWAK, sometime in 1986, was to show a typical dutch reddish-brown brickwall with ALFRED’S nameplate and an attached photograph of the duck. we dropped the idea soon because the ‘design’ approach was too cold and too unpersonal for the introduction of a new comic-series. instead we chose a more moody scene from the story with a sad ALFRED in the middle of a duch winter landscape. it was a good decision, because it was that cover that caught the eye of our tv-series producer DENNIS LIVSON at the frankfurt bookfair.

alfred first edition cover

© van veen / siepermann / bacher



3 responses

6 07 2013
Shinji Suzuki

ALFRED! This is an attractive wonderful character.
From the friend in Tokyo.

7 07 2013
David Goebel

Still own and treasure the German edition of this book.

7 07 2013
Florian Satzinger

Same here, I have all three books here right next to me.

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