mulan findings 8

31 08 2013

mulan early design

one of my earliest hun-attack designs, probably from 1995

© disney enterprises, inc


milkweed ballerinas

30 08 2013

you can see here some of the dozens of screen-captures I used to recreate a background from disney’s FANTASIA, THE NUTCRACKER SUITE. it is my favorite segment of the 1940 released masterpiece. backgrounds from FANTASIA are extremely rare, so I ‘just’ needed to re-create one. that turned out to be one of the most difficult tasks, since it is not just a side pan with dozens of little milkweed ballerinas flying around, it is a multiplane scene as well. what means that the different levels move in different speeds. anyway – it took me a while, and I had to paint a lot additionally. below is the result

milkweed ballerinas recr

© disney enterprises, inc


28 08 2013

this is post 888, for chinese a very lucky number, – hope that works for me too…

sail 18

wilhelm m.busch 34

27 08 2013

JOHANNA SPYRI, 1827 – 1901, was a swiss author of children stories. probably her best known book is HEIDI, what some of you might remember as a japanese ANIME series – HEIDI, GIRL OF THE ALPS, produced in 1974. the series was directed by ISAO TAKAHATA and – HAYAO MIYAZAKI did the scene design and the layout!
WILHELM M.BUSCH illustrated in 1948 a collection of 6 stories by johanna spyri- AUF BERGESHOEHEN -, HEIDI AUF DER ALP was one of them. the illustrations are all drawn in pen and ink, but you can still see the influence of the woodcut technique, wilhelm busch concentrated on for a while during his studies.

busch spyri a
busch spyri b
busch-spyri c

© wilhelm m.busch / buchdienstverlag

forgotten drawers 3

18 08 2013

NY stairs A1 web

sailing nr.9

14 08 2013

sail 22

two for tea

13 08 2013


DAAN JIPPES did this limited edition poster around 1981 in connection with the publication of his comic strip album TWEE VOOR THEE. daan is a master in the art of visual storytelling, he created numerous covers and stories for the dutch DISNEY comic magazine, spent some years at disney publications in L.A. and from around 1989 at disney animated feature film. we worked together for many years, at disney and amblimation. he is an incredible artists, can draw like ‘hell’ and is a good friend.

© daan jippes


12 08 2013

Minolta DSC

one of the rare SULLIVANT illustrations in color. from the nancy beiman collection, thank you nancy

© t.s.sullivant

sailing nr.8

11 08 2013

sail 20

mulan findings 7

10 08 2013

the REFLECTION-song in disney’s MULAN was much longer in an early version what was storyboarded by DEAN DEBLOIS. the shorter and final version as it is in the film was boarded by CHRIS SANDERS. below are DEAN’S boards.


© disney enterprises, inc

forgotten drawers 2

8 08 2013

style aa

beauty of art 4

7 08 2013


sailing nr.7

6 08 2013

sail 19 blog

italian comedy

5 08 2013


normally I don’t post political content on my blog, but in this case – what could I do? PURE CARTOON, the text is original. the ‘cavaliere’ said it yesterday, fresh convicted, in front of his fans. it would be funny if it was not reality.

forgotten drawers 1

4 08 2013


sailing nr.6

3 08 2013

sailing comp B

beauty of art 3

2 08 2013


The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

The Hidden History of Oz

Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.