italian comedy

5 08 2013


normally I don’t post political content on my blog, but in this case – what could I do? PURE CARTOON, the text is original. the ‘cavaliere’ said it yesterday, fresh convicted, in front of his fans. it would be funny if it was not reality.



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5 08 2013
luca meloni

Dear Master Hans, I’m from Italy and it’s a great sadness to found this post on your blog. I totally agree with you. It’s a total humiliation for me, for the little part of honest Italians that everyday is trying to survive the dramatic financial situation and to fight all this category of “ladri, mafiosi e rubasoldi”. I’m thinking about leaving my country. Best, Luca

from hans –
dear luca, that was not my intention to make you feel so depressed. I am very sorry. more critical italians like you should fight against the ridiculous situation in all those different areas. but, for me it is easy to say – I don’t have to live in the middle of all that crap and get a hit in my face every day.

6 08 2013

Dear Mister Bacher, you’re right, it would be funny if it was not reality. And the reality is that my country is on the brink of bankruptcy and perhaps of a civil war. I agree with you that the sentence of that man is surreal. Unfortunately, this is not an italian comedy and, that man is not a comic character. And this is the tragedy for 60 million Italians.

from hans –
I know. that’s why I needed to say at least something…

16 12 2013

Dear Liviusnotes,
not all of the 60 million Italians voted Berlusconi, approximately 7,5 milion people voted for him he. They are still too many 😦

7 08 2013
Styling Notes

Thanks for this post! I am an Italian leaving in Australia and I think posts like yours are extremely helpful in making Italians realise what it’s like for people who are not sucked in the media hell of Italy (and believe what they’re told by TV). Long live Italian comedy! 🙂

16 12 2013

Every nation has the government it deserves.

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