wilhelm m.busch 35

2 09 2013

WILHELM M.BUSCH was before WWII and after the war in the early fifties a PRESSE-ZEICHNER, a drawing artist hired by a newspaper to cover events with drawings where no photographs were available. today you still have one job like that left, the courtroom illustrator.
the first 2 illustrations are an example for that, the next is from his time as a soldier in 1944, a pen+ink drawing. the following 2 are from 1972 and 1979.
someone asked about his technique, well – he probably did some rough outline sketch in pencil or light ballpointpen and drew right on top of that in ink. his final illustration is so loose that I can’t imagine he traced a very elaborate sketch. in some cases you can still see the sketchy lines of his rough. the classroom drawing was just ‘written’ down like that without any sketch, I am sure. I have a lot more to come form work catalogues where the reproduction quality is much better.


© wilhelm m.busch




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2 09 2013
Andrei Posea

Thank you Mr. Bacher for your specifications, and for the drawings. the questions about Busch’s technique were not accidental. the reason behind them is that i’m studing illustration in order to write a book about that and understanding the personal technique of every artist in order to understand the creative process that stands behind the artpiece is one of the major ideas of my study. I am a fine art teacher just like you, only much younger. your blog-site is a powerfull image resource for my book, and I’m really honored for your kind of help. And speaking about Busch, I’m curious to know if you ever seen an original drawing of his, ’cause I am wondering about the real dimenssions of his ballpointed pen drawings. And, about tracing over a preliminary drawing I mentioned that not all his drawings were made like that, just a part of them, precisely the “clean” ones. He was endeed a drawing master, and the loose of his drawings proove that he was concerned about the overall of the composition. Thank you again, and I hope in your further help. My best, Andrei!

27 09 2013
Martin Bowman

That drawing of the dancers reminds me of the same beautiful economy of line and motion and splashes of shadow that can be seen in Tiepolo’s ink drawings:

Thanks for posting this 🙂

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