down the drain

24 09 2013

fraidy 1

ANDREAS DEJA just posted his beautiful designs for the main characters on a project that was called FRAIDY CAT, and that was eventually shelved after the story had been systematically destroyed. when the story research group presented the rough 3 page treatment to me and aked me for my opinion, I thought first it was a continuation of 101 DALMATIANS. it was a charming crime story taking place in london of the sixties, a bit of HITCHCOCK’S ‘REAR WINDOW’ with animals. I told them it was the best treatment I read for a very long time and we should start immediately to develop it. what I did, andreas joined later. it was planned for CG, so I designed everything very stylized, a bit still remembering the look of another shelved project only a few months prior to that – WILD LIFE. the original author was apparently not good enough, another one was hired, and more followed – it went more and more down the drain. my interest followed, the charme was gone. well, I did not experience this for the first time – too bad. I still hear myself screaming in meetings, until I finally left. below some of my designs for the environment.

fraidy 2
fraidy 3
fraidy 5
fraidy 6
fraidy 7
fraidy 8
fraidy 9
friday 10
friday 11
fraidy 12

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10 responses

24 09 2013
Larry MacDougall

I think these designs are fabulous and I would be immediately interested in a film that felt like this. Can you explain in simple terms the process that takes something good and makes it into something bad ?



from hans –
the terms are not simple and I don’t want to go too much into detail, I would hurt some people. but – to make it short, it is ignorance, incompetence and arrogance that usually screwed up projects.

25 09 2013
Larry MacDougall

Thanks Hans, I appreciate your response. I used to work in an animation studio and I always thought that the best work they did stayed pinned to the walls.

25 09 2013

It’s too bad, it looks amazing! Love the mood of the pieces.

25 09 2013

What a beautiful set of designs! This film must be made. Is there no European producer interested?

25 09 2013
Markus L

Looks awesome! Great thrilling mood on those pictures. Really shame that had cancelled.

26 09 2013

These are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing!

26 09 2013

brilliant style and color

27 09 2013
Jeffrey Arnold

“Development Hell” strikes again…
Sad. There’s a lot of noirish mood conveyed in those settings, it might have been an excellent film.

from hans –
that’s what I wanted – FILM NOIR, black and white would have been even better. but that was out of the question. you are right, the first
treatment smelled like something big.

29 09 2013

Wow! Would love to see more! This looks like it could have been cool. Is there any more info on the story?

21 01 2014

Beautiful work….it would have made a great film.
I found this 8 year old story on the project.

I think ignorance, incompetence and arrogance may be exactly right.

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