rené georges hermann-paul

24 10 2013

RENE GEORGES HERMANN-PAUL, 1864 – 1940, was a well known french illustrator and fine artist who was published in numerous newspapers. during his time he was exhibited in galleries together with MATISSE and TOULOUSE-LAUTREC. he criticized the atrocities of the first world war in his art, later his work shows notions of patriotism and pacifism. during WW1 metal becomes rare since it is being used for weapons, a main reason for PAUL to shift from etching to woodcut. he concentrates on this technique to his death. this media helped to accentuate the sparse style and simplified forms that characterized his illustrations. one of his woodcut series, he published after the end of WW1, is stunning, LA DANSE MACABRE, – you can see it below.

herman paul 1
herman paul 2
herman paul 3

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after the rain

2 10 2013

after the rain-sail 32