27 11 2013

additional to the long overdue DREAM WORLDS 2 I have started to work on a sketchbook, what will be finished earlier – probably sometime early next year. the first about 100 pages are already layouted, I am not quite sure how many pages the book will have in the end. it is quite time-consuming to go through thousands of sketches in my archives and select the right ones for the book. in this ‘only’ black/white sketchbook I want to concentrate on composition studies, since there is apparently the biggest interest, from what I know through my students. below some of the finished double pages, the format will be the same as DREAM WORLDS.

sketchbook pages 11-2013

© hans p bacher




15 responses

27 11 2013
Uli Meyer (@UliMeyerAnim8)

Terrific! I want one.

6 11 2014

good can’t wait

27 11 2013
Sandeepan Chanda

This will be just amazing Hans. Can’t wait!

27 11 2013

are you going to publish it as an ebook?

from hans –
no, the oldfashioned way – on paper

27 11 2013
Chris Iliff

Looks great, can’t wait for either of them!

27 11 2013

I’m in, I do hope the book also features your (written) thoughts on composition?

27 11 2013

o//////o bbbbb I can’t wait to see them both published.

28 11 2013
Jamil Dar

Every one of these are great, simple shapes but so clever and inspiring. Can’t wait to see the full book also!

30 11 2013

awww …can’t wait for this!
how many pages you are planning complete before moving into print, Hans?
I’ve been looking forward to see this book for a long time and I’m so excited to see that it is going to be ready soon!

from hans –
hi francesca, don’t mix it up with the long planned DREAM WORLDS 2, this will be a sketchbook. I might put together about 200 pages. I hope you will like this one too

30 11 2013
Martin Bowman

Brilliant 🙂 Do it and I’ll stick it on my student’s reading list!

30 11 2013
Martin Bowman

whoops that should read ‘students’ and not ‘student’s’ 🙂

8 12 2013
mg vaughan

I look forward to your book. Adobe Lightroom can easily help you with thousands of images. Using this program may save you time to press.

12 12 2013

Looks amazing.

4 07 2014
Mark T

Lovely sketches!

22 10 2014
Matthew Petyo

Beautiful! My copy of dreamworlds is worn to the threads. Really looking forward to this, Hans.

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Discover the Secrets of an Enchanted World is the best place for your personal blog or business site.

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