die nibelungen

25 01 2014

the first film adaptation of the german epic poem DAS NIBELUNGENLIED from around 1.200 AD was done by legendary film director FRITZ LANG in two feature films – SIEGFRIED and DIE NIBELUNGEN, KRIEMHILD’S RACHE in the year 1924. only 90 years later I have started now visual development on an animated feature film project DIE NIBELUNGEN. HANNES RALL, who produced last year the animated short DAS KALTE HERZ, is writing the screenplay and will direct the film. financing for now comes from MFG film funding baden-wuerttemberg. we don’t have a finishing date yet but it might be a few years in production. I am excited to work on this epic project, it will be mostly traditional animation, the story is good and I can go visually wild, getting lost in the world of expressionistic painting. below some of my first designs.


© hans bacher + hannes rall




5 responses

25 01 2014

This project and your studies are very exciting.

25 01 2014
David Goebel

Ooh, nice! It’s great to have something this exceptional to look forward to!

26 01 2014

Fantastic work mr. Bacher! I look forward to seeing more!

27 01 2014

Congratulations Hans! What an exciting project! It looks perfect for your wonderful expressionist design style. I love your work! Kathleen


29 01 2014
Ernesto Melo

Congratulations, Hans!!! I came back to one1.., and found you are involved in such great story! Lieben gruß!

from hans –
thank you ernesto, the same back to you in spain

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