hermann vogel

16 03 2014

I would like to introduce you to a german childrenbook illustrator that is not too well known today, HERMANN VOGEL, 1854 – 1921. he grew up in saxony and studied at the art academy in dresden. VOGEL’s illustrations are in the tradition of german ROMANTICISM, and their best known artists – LUDWIG RICHTER, MORITZ VON SCHWIND and CARL SPITZWEG. ALBERT HURTER introduced these artists and their illustration style to the disney studio and they influenced very much the look of the first animated feature films.

Hermann Vogel_musaeus 01
h.vogel H+G
vogel.milde winter

© hermann vogel




5 responses

16 03 2014

oh, i love classic illustrations :)) thanks for sharing this!

16 03 2014
Charles Vess

Hermann Vogel is one of my very favorite illustrators! I’ve collected quite a few of his books since I first discovered him, including the 4 big albums of his b/w drawings. Thanks for sharing these.

from hans –
thank you for the link – http://www.greenmanpress.com/blog-posts/10-artists-that-i-like.-1-hermann-vogel.html
with these beautiful scans of the book illustrations.

21 03 2014
abhishek singh

visceral and such charming use of subtle tones.

23 03 2014

There is a book just published in France about Vogel: http://www.belloloco.com/

from hans –
great news! thank you!

26 03 2014

It’s a little book (46 p.) but I found an Italian book very interesting: http://www.loscarabeo.com/libri-artistici/379-c-era-una-volta.html

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