1984 – olympic games

25 11 2014

1984. olympic games in los angeles. the organisers had come up with the idea for an ANIMATION OLYMPIC ARTS FESTIVAL during the games. PETER SCHNEIDER, later head of disney feature animation, was in the organising committee. all the participants knew about the festival one year in advance. time enough to come up with an animated short – I did my personal 5 min version of the whole olympic rubbish.
to understand my critical view you have to go back to that time. it was in the middle of the cold war between russia and the US ( another one, not the one from these days…). in germany we were sitting on american nuclear warheads, there were big protests. we felt not safe at all. it was not a very pleasant time, and in the middle of all that there were supposed to be happy running, jumping and playing games between the ‘friendly’ nations?
the festival guys as well as the L.A.press didn’t like my version very much, they called it ‘a grim version of an angry german’ – ach ja…

games 1
games 4
games 3
games 2
games 5

ARD 1 – 1984

17 11 2014

talking about the ‘good old days’ a short time ago I realized it is already 30 years ago that I worked on the the ARD 1 ( the german 1.tv-station ) logo-design. cg in those days was nearly unknown in germany. during my frequent visits in L.A. I had seen a lot of the development in computer generated images and I was fascinated by it ( that should change over the years! ). so I introduced the idea of a cg-logo to the german television guys and the ARD 1 logo became the first cg-logo in germany, and probably the first one produced at such high costs. below are my early designs, a rough story board and some very precise keyframes for the production at CRANSTON CSURI in columbus.

ARD 9-84 a
ard 9-84 2
ARD 1  1984

© ARD 1

corny cole

14 11 2014

unfortunately I never met CORNY COLE, I know though some of his work, especially what he did for RAGGEDY ANN AND ANDY. RICHARD WILLIAMS worked very often with CORNY, he described to me his crazy style, doing most of his sketches with a simple ballpoint pen and never using any reference. DICK described him as a genius. the illustrations below might have been for a personal project, CORNY had in mind, or it was one of those collaborations with DICK WILLIAMS, anyway, DICK gave me these xeroxes about 30 years ago.


© corny cole

wilhelm m.busch 37

13 11 2014

w.m.busch 873
w.m.busch 962
w.m.busch 956
w.m.busch 870
w.m.busch 866
w.m.busch 840
w.m.busch 836
w.m.busch 831

© wilhelm m.busch

edouard-leon cortes 2

7 11 2014

E.L.Cortes comp 9
E.L.Cortes comp 8
E.L.Cortes comp 7
E.L.Cortes comp 6
E.L.Cortes comp 10

© edouard-leon cortes

life drawing 1014

1 11 2014

life drawg.10.2014