ARD 1 – 1984

17 11 2014

talking about the ‘good old days’ a short time ago I realized it is already 30 years ago that I worked on the the ARD 1 ( the german ) logo-design. cg in those days was nearly unknown in germany. during my frequent visits in L.A. I had seen a lot of the development in computer generated images and I was fascinated by it ( that should change over the years! ). so I introduced the idea of a cg-logo to the german television guys and the ARD 1 logo became the first cg-logo in germany, and probably the first one produced at such high costs. below are my early designs, a rough story board and some very precise keyframes for the production at CRANSTON CSURI in columbus.

ARD 9-84 a
ard 9-84 2
ARD 1  1984

© ARD 1



2 responses

18 11 2014

Wow, I didn’t know that you designed this great title, Hans! Did you also design the ARD logo itself?

from hans –
I came up with a lot of ideas. the final decision was up to the tv-station

23 11 2019

Hallo Hans, als damals Interessierte mich Logo Design und 3D CG, zB welche ich per Satelit von anderen Stationen zB “Rede Globo” her kannte. Ich erinnere mich sehr gut, als die ARD Dein neues CG Logo mit vollem Stolz in einem extra dafür gemachten “Making of” vorgestellt hatte. Ich war begeistert und hatte das “Making of” damals mit grossem Interesse auf VHS-Tape aufgenommen. Es existiert noch, aber bei vielen tausend VHS-Tapes sicherlich nicht auffindbar. Leider.
Aber Deine damalige Arbeite ist bis heute sehr gut in Erinnerung. LG Jörg

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