romeo v.tabuena

6 01 2015

accidentally I found out about this filipino painter, ROMEO V.TABUENA. for me his paintings represent the best the philippines, the life of the simple people in the countryside, the feeling of nature there with carabaos and houses on stilts. he was born in 1921 in iloilo city and learned his craft in new york and paris. for the past two decades he resides in mexico with his norwegian wife, his paintings are very much in demand from collectors and museums.

romeo v.tabuena 1-15 blog

© romeo v.tabuena




6 responses

7 01 2015
Kathleen Bieck

These look like your’s if you were filipino! Wonderful!

8 01 2015

Awesome paintings!! Thanks for sharing Tabuena’s brilliant artwork with us.

20 01 2015

Great! You always find the most amazing artists to highlight that I have never heard of. Looking forward to the next post! Thanks!

20 01 2015
Sudam Kute

Sir, I always follow your blog. I get lot of inspiration from your blog. I am waiting for your next book. So kindly let me know when it is coming.

from hans –
my new sketchbook will be printed the end of this month and should be
on the shelves soon after that.

29 01 2015
Shelley Whiting

Thanks for sharing this painter. His works are very adventurous and chill. Beautiful work.

12 02 2015
Eira Lin

great paintings ! I’ve just known about this blog and it made me really happy ’cause your artwork is so inspiring !

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