clair de lune

10 02 2015

the recreated longer pan background is from the disney animated short compilation MAKE MINE MUSIC from 1946. it was titled BLUE BAYOU, the song performed by the KEN DARBY SINGERS, after it was originally produced and completed for disney’s FANTASIA in 1940. the original music at that time was CLAIR DE LUNE by composer CLAUDE DEBUSSY. disney decided to cut the segment out of FANTASIA because even without it the film was already 125 min long. in the BLUE BAYOU you see two egrets flying through the everglades at night with a full moon, all done with lots of water-effects and several background layers on the multiplane camera.

blue bayou

© disney enterprises, inc




One response

11 02 2015

hi hans, hope all is well. tjis is a general question, didnt know whomto ask or where to post. i’m curious, do you know who did the mickey minnie hansel and gretel short? it has a bit of a ralph bakshi feel, slightly psychotromic by disney standards. reminds me more of bugs bunny barber of seville/kill the wabbit than 99% of what i see from wholesome, shopping mall disney. thanks, phil

from hans –
in case you are talking about one of those recent shorts, sorry I don’t watch that stuff and I have no idea who creates it

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