verwitterte melodie 1942

25 03 2015


I taped this version of VERWITTERTE MELODIE ( weather-beaten melody ) in the late 70s when it was shown in german television and copied it over and over to all the latest tape versions. for me it is a treasure, because not even hans fiescherkoesen’s son had a good copy of his fathers’s film. he told me when I met him sometime in the mid 80s in his bad godesberg melem ( near bonn ) studio. the original negative of this jewel is still probably somewhere in prague, I hope it is stored safe. in an earlier post I have written about this short, produced 1942 in the middle of WW2 in nazi germany. big parts were animated in prague by JIRI BRDECKA, HORST VON MOELLENDORFF received story credit, but it is not clear how much he contributed. the overall direction was in the hands of HANS FISCHERKOESEN. his son told me he could still remember a huge studio space filled with flowers and plants, cut out of thin wood, for the opening circling camera move. GOEBBELS, in charge of propaganda and film in the 3.reich, had ordered that german animation should rival disney. he was especially a big fan of SNOW WHITE and the disney feature was analyzed by all german studios at that time. in a berlin animation studio even a huge multiplane camera was constructed to come up with similar effects disney had done in SNOW WHITE.

Die verwitterte Melodie (1942) Fischerkoesen from hans bacher on Vimeo.

© fischerkoesen film




5 responses

25 03 2015
Vitaliy Shushko

Unbelievable. the most three-dimensional 2D animation I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing Hans !

26 03 2015

Sensationnal technical demonstration ! as “perfect “as CG animation .
Unfortunatly “science without conscience is but the ruin of the soul” (Rabelais)
Thank you for this rare document

9 04 2015

Beautiful, thanks for sharing this. It is so sweet, I don’t know much about early Czech animation, I wonder if a young Zdeněk Miler (Krtek) worked on this, you can see similarities the characterisation come through in his later work.

30 04 2015
Daniel Kothenschulte

Hello from Germany. I loved this film when I first saw it on a TV program when some soft spoken bearded host named Elmar Gunsch presented it. Do you know that a restored version of Verwitterte Melodie was released on this highly recommendable DVD?
Daniel Kothenschulte

from hans –
hello daniel, yes, I have that whole 6 DVD package, but I don’t like the picture quality of that restored version. it is too contrasty and too light. my posted version is exactly the one that you saw many years ago in that elmar gunsch show. I taped it at that time on VHS, then transferred it to DV, then burned it on a DVD

1 05 2015
Daniel Kothenschulte

Yes, you’re so right. I just saw your video and there it was: all the warmth and gentleness of that beautiul film that outlived terrible times like an oasis of innocence. I want to know what went wrong with that restoration. I was a child when that show aired on TV. Usually it ended with a clip from a Disney feature. What a treasure that was prior to the days of home video releases.

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