disney in space 3

5 11 2015

here now compilations of scene-captures from the limited animated segment in disney’s MAN IN SPACE, directed by WARD KIMBALL. this DISNEYLAND TV-episode aired on march 9, 1955. imagine, a small group of artists worked in the studio on such stylized designs during a time where LADY AND THE TRAMP was close to be released and SLEEPING BEAUTY already in pre-production. the style was heavily influenced by UPA and their shorts, as well as by the animated advertising commercials of that time. on the comic strip market the pioneering satirical magazine MAD had been started in 1952 by editor HARVEY KURTZMAN and shaped after a world war a new generation of skeptical kids. SAUL STEINBERG, who was very popular with his cartoons during that time, might have been of some influence.

man in space anim.1
man in space anim.2
man in space anim.3

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